Financial Accounting Advisory Services

Accounting and taxation research can be a resource-intensive activity for CPA firms that takes professionals away from billable work. It requires practitioners to be up to date on recent laws and guidance on tax rules. This can be particularly demanding during busy tax seasons. Small- and medium-sized CPA firms may not have the luxury of allocating professional time for CPE courses for all their employees, and arduous research requirements would impact time billed and operating margins.

As part of accounting advisory services, our researchers provide information and opinions on complex tax questions for your firm to enable your professionals to focus on core service functions. As you provide us with research subject/areas, our professionals undertake comprehensive analysis and provide reliable research briefs and memoranda based on applicable tax rules and recent developments. We have proven track record of providing research and opinions with quick turnaround time across a broad spectrum of tax areas.

Research service offerings include:

  • Federal Tax Law Research & Interpretation

  • Including recent IRS and tax authority guidance or circulars.

  • State Tax Law Research & Interpretation

  • All 50 States.

  • Research & Interpretation on recent or upcoming legal changes.
  • Research on best practices.